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Duo Arparimba

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Babette and Gudrun have followed in the Baroque tradition, using innovation and experimentation in their music. The result is a highly unique adaptation of a number of composers, including Georg Friedrich Telemann, Leonardo Vinci and even ragtime composer Tom Turpin. The non-traditional instrumentation of Harp and Marimba brings a new and exciting perspective to music that has been played for years.

Georg Friedrich Telemann is considered one of the major composers of the Baroque period in Germany. He was praised by his colleagues for his 'gallant' style, his ability of combining art with charm.

Leonardo Vinci (not to be confused with Leonardo da Vinci , the genius who lived 200 years earlier), is nearly unknown, though he has been one of the leading heads of the "Neapolitan Opera School", the school which laid the foundations for Haendel's Opera and Oratory work.
There is an uplifiting quality to his work, which is characterized by typically rousing baroque melodies alternating with solemn, lyrical passages.

One cannot say a lot about Angelo Conti. He was said to have lived at the end of the 18th century in Italy and composed in the style of that century..

In a more modern vein Babette and Gudrun play "Tšnzerische Impressionen" ("Dancing Impressions") composed by the Dutch composer and former conductor of the Bavarian Broadcasting Orchestra, Jan Koetsier. Composed in 1990, when the Duo Arparimba was founded, the style of these works remain loyal to earlier musical traditions while simultaneously using the technical possibilites of the harp and marimba to create new combinations of timbre and sonority.

Born of a life long friendship between composer Jean Michel Damase and Gudrun Haag come the Petits Dialogues. These lively, harlequinesque dialogues between harp and marimba were dedicated by the composer to Gudrun, the former student of his mother, the French harpist Micheline Kahn-Damase.
In these compositions the French esprit is obvious in the emphasis on the harp; while both instruments lay the musical foundation, the harp plays the dominant role.

Last but not least there is the cheerful Tambourin by Francois-Joseph Gossec and the bluesy St.Louis Ragtime written by the American Tom Turpin, arranged specially for the Duo Arparimba.

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